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There are no formal reception hours, but we are in the campus almost every day. Please schedule an appointment by email.

Books and Class Material

This is the official course book (the first version is newer). It contains the entire course and much more, and if you intend to take the advanced course in the second semester you should consider buying it.

This is bibliography and online documents for the practial exercises:

This is a list of printouts to be handed out in the tirgool about SQL and embedded SQL:

Two test solutions, of the 1996/7 course, are also published (Hebrew Word format):


[Exercises]Exercises and Solutions:

Reminder: Exercises must be submitted by midnight of the submission date (on tuesdays). Solutions are published ten days afterwards (on sundays), except the last solution which will be published earlier. You must submit all practical exercises and all practical exercises will be calculated for grading; one theoretical exercise may be skipped. See the "Handing in exercises" section for late submission rules.

Note that last year's exercises and solutions are also available here, and may help you solve the new exercises as well.

Exercise #


Submission Date


No. 1

Word '97, HTML

Dec 22


No. 2 Word '97, HTML Dec 29 Theoretical

No. 3

Word '97, HTML Jan 12 Practical
No. 4 Word '97, HTML Jan 19 Theoretical
No. 5 Word '97, HTML Jan 28 Theoretical
No. 6   Feb 4 Practical
No. 7 Word '97, HTML Feb 11 Theoretical
No. 8   Feb 18 Practical


Information about exercises :

There will be exercises (30% of the final grade) and an exam (70%).

We plan to hand out 9-10 exercises during the semester. Some of these will be practical (they will involve using the Oracle database system) and some will be theoretical. Most of the material covered in practical exercises will not be tested in the exam, and are these exercises are designed to give you some hands on experience in using a database system. (The SQL query language will be tested in the exam.) The theoretical exercises will help you understand the material and will help you prepare for the exam.

There will probably be 4 practical exercises, and 5-6 theoretical exercises. Of the theoretical exercises (assuming there are n of them), the best n-1 grades will be counted. All the grades for the practical exercises will be counted.

Handing in Exercises :

When ?

We will usually give you 1-2 weeks to complete an exercise. Exercises must be handed in on Tuesdays by midnight. Late exercises are NOT acceptable, and will lose 5 points for each day of delay. Any exercise more than two weeks late will get 0. Any exercise submitted after the solution is published will get 0 as well.

Students who are in miluim during the week preceding the due date of an exercise may hand in the exercise when they return from miluim. They should attach a photocopy of their 'tsav' to their exercise. Students who are in miluim for a long period can speak to the metargel for extra consideration.

No matter what we say, there are always students who feel they need special consideration to hand in late exercises. If this is your case, you may hand in a written request to the bodek, attached to your exercise. The bodkim will only grant a request if the circumstances are very serious.

Where ?

All exercises (practical and theoretical) should be handed in to the box for the database course, which is in the Ross building, floor -2 (basement). For practical exercises this means submitting printouts.

Practical exercises should also be submitted electronically .

What ?

For all exercises, hand in your name, login name, and student number. For practical exercises, you should hand in

Receiving Marked Exercises and Grades :

Exercises will be returned in the exercise classes. Exercises that are left over will be put in the database course shelf, which is also in the Ross building on floor -2 (basement).

Grades for the exercises will also be available electronically .

Newsgroup : local.course.db

If you are taking this course you should subscribe to the newsgroup, and it will be assumed that you are up to date with any messages posted there. The newsgroup is the place to ask questions whose answers will be of interest to other students, and also we encourage you to help other students through the newsgroup with any pointers, advice, etc.

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