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Reception Hour: Tuesday at 13:30 (after class), office in the second floor of the main building.

 Time and Place:


Discussion Group: http://talkitover.com/elizabeth/luxembourg

The discussion group is only used for publishing information that might interest ALL students!
This is the place to ask questions about the course material, or to clarify a question in an exercise that you don't understand. Discussion groups become more useful the more you use them, so it's up to you. Also, feel free to answer other people's questions and suggestions in the newsgroup, without waiting for Ofer or David to answer everything.
The newsgroup will also be the place where announcements such as checked exercises and postponements will be posted. Posted messages will be assumed known to everyone! Therefore, remember:

  It is YOUR responsibility to check the discussion group once in a while.


Q: Okay, so what do we need the emails for if we have a newsgroup?
A: For personal questions only - ones that the entire class shouldn't or needn't know of. If you would like to request a postponement for an exercise, or if you wish to appeal ("Irur") about an exercise grade, mail Ofer directly. Any other personal questions should be mailed to David.


The course of the first semester will be a theoretical one, and will cover these issues:

The second semester will concentrate on practice - system programming in Unix. The subjects:


The books for the first semester (theory):

The books for the second semester (practice):

Material handed out in class:



Theoretical Material:

C language references:

Unix/Linux references:

Other useful links:

 Guidelines and Policies

The theoretical course will have weekly exercises, worth 15% of the final grade, and a final test that will determine the remaining 85%. In order to pass the course, all except one of the exercises must be submitted.

The practical course will have bi-weekly exercises, worth 30% of the final grade, and a final test that will determine the remaining 70%. In order to pass the course, all exercises must be submitted.

Read carefully the exercise guidelines for the second semester.

You are encouraged to submit in pairs.

Do the exercises yourselves. Need we say more?


All exercise descriptions and solutions will be available from here, so if you missed a class you can download them from here.

First semester exercises (grades of checked exercises for Bet 1 and Bet 2 are here) are in Hebrew Word '97 format:

Exercise Description


Submission Date

Ex0: See Discussion Group

(Home Page)

Dec 13, 1998

Ex1: Processes and Short-Term Scheduling


Dec 20, 1998

Ex2: Critical Sections and Semaphores


Dec 27, 1998

Ex3: Applied Semaphores Here Jan 10, 1999
Ex4: Deadlocks and Memory Management Here Jan 24, 1999
Ex5: Virtual Memory Here Feb 7, 1999
Ex6: File Systems Here Feb 14, 1999
Ex7: Distributed Systems Here Feb 21, 1999

Second semester exercises (grades for Bet 1 and Bet 2 are here) are in HTML format:

Exercise Description


Submission Date

Ex8: Learning Unix and C


May 2, 1999

Ex9: The File System   May 23, 1999
Ex10: Processes and the Shell   June 20, 1999
Ex11: Sockets   July 6, 1999

and the most important thing is to take this course easy.