Technical Help
Class material: document given in class as handout
Required material: covers a subject at about the same level the course does
Reference material: covers more than the course requires
OOD Principles
Principles of Object-Oriented Design (Summarized)
Liskov Substitution Principle
General Guidelines for Object-Oriented design
Cetus Links on Object Orientation
UML Models of Design Patterns
UML Homepage
Cetus Links on UML
Free Tools List: ArgoUML, ProxyDesigner,...
Design Patterns
David's Design Patterns Slides
The Acyclic Visitor Pattern
Patterns Home Page
JavaWorld's Design Patterns Page
Huston Design Patterns
Composite Design Patterns (They Aren't What You Think)
Design Patterns in Java
Unit Testing
Unit Testing
Test-Driven Development using JUnit and Eclipse
Test-Driven Development Series Part 1 Part 2
A Dozen Ways to Get the Testing Bug in the New Year
JUnit Starter Guide
JUnit Unit Testing Framework
C++Unit CookBook
Programming Tools
Refactoring in Eclipse
Yet Another Optimization Article
Refactoring Catalogue
RefactorIT Home Page
Extreme Programming
Rational Unified Process
Design by Contract
Introduction to Design by Contract
Lessons of Ariane 5
jContractor: Design by Contract for Java
.NET Design by Contract Framework
Aspect-Oriented Programming
Aspect-Oriented Programming JavaWorld article
AspectJ Programming Guide
AspectWerkz Homepage
Aspect-Oriented Software Development
Frameworks & Components
Full Swing Case Study Lecture, also in PDF
Swing Tutorial
IBM San Francisco Homepage and Technical Summary
Borland Delphi and Free Component Sites: Torry, Download Center, ...
Component Frameworks: JavaBeans, COM and .NET
Stack Class Template Code and Binary Search Attempts
Using the CDT C/C++ plugin to develop C/C++ programs in Eclipse
RTTI Syntax, Uses & Implementation in C++
Survey of Design by Contract Tools
Full C++ Documentation
Bruce Eckel's Book: Thinking in C++
Reflection Overview and Tutorial
Dynamic Proxy Classes and its uses: Event Handlers, Mapping Views, Design by Contract
J2SE 1.4 SDK and Tutorials
Bitter Java: Anti-Patterns in Java
Bruce Eckel's Book: Thinking in Java
SwTech.com - Java Concurrency and Threads
Past Exams
Final Test of 2005 ( ) and its solution ( )
Final Test of 2004 ( ) and its solution ( )
Final Test of 2003 ( ) and its solution ( )
Final Test of 2002 ( ) and its solution ( )
Sample Final Test ( )